NADFW offers your company three cost saving options for drug & alcohol testing.

Option One:
The most cost effective method is to train your Designated Employee Representative (DER) as a Certified Drug Test Administrator (CDTA) and save up to 57%, versus sending employees or job applicants to a Laboratory Patient Service Center (PSC).


Option Two:
NADFW’s CDTA will come on-site and do your testing for you, saving you approximately 33%.

With options One and Two, a forensic pre-screen is performed to determine which donors are non-negative.  Only non-negatives results are sent to the Laboratory and Medical Review Officer (MRO) for confirmation.  Since the national average for positives run from 5% to 7% and negatives are 93% to 95% your company would not be paying Lab/MRO fees on the overwhelming majority of tests.

Option Three:
Should your company wish to send your people to a PSC then save money through NADFW.  With NADFW’s volume of business across the country, we could possibly offer you services at the same PSC you are presently using at a lower cost.

Oral Drug Screens:

NADFW recommends the Oral Drug Screen for a fast, convenient and cost saving workplace forensic testing device. Go or No Go decisions in 5 minutes. See representative for demonstration or call 407.718.6483.

National Association of Drug Free Workplaces